A novel integration method for III–V semiconductor devices on a Si platform was demonstrated. Thin-film InP was directly bonded on a Si substrate and metal organic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE) growth was performed by using an InP/Si template. A void-free 2-in. InP layer bonded on a Si substrate was realized, and a low interfacial resistance and ohmic contact through the bonded interface were observed. After the MOVPE process, the as-grown structure was optically active and we observed photoluminescence (PL) intensity comparable to that from the same structure grown on InP as a reference. Furthermore, almost no lattice strain was observed from the InP layer. Then, the epitaxial growth of a GaInAsP–InP double-hetero (DH) laser diode (LD) was demonstrated on the substrate and we observed lasing emission at RT in a pulse regime. These results are promising for the integration of InP-based devices on a Si platform for optical interconnection.
Source: Iopscience

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